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Face Workout

Face Workout is the ultimate workout for your face! Like all good workouts, the treatment begins with a warm-up to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Next, there are special exercises with three different sizes of “Eco Rubber Balls” to release deep tension of the facial muscles.
55 min./DKK 795,-


The workout continues with “Face Sculpting Therapy” (FST), which reduces the appearance of expression lines. To complete the treatment, “Electro Therapy” is used with a low-frequency current, which makes the skin appear fuller. The result is a rejuvenated glow and a relaxed expression!

The balls can also be used at home to maintain the workout for your face.

Book in advance

It is a good idea to call us to book your treatment in advance. This will enable us to warmly welcome you with the exact treatment you desire.

Wellness and Treatments also provide access to:

the Silent Mind Room and the unique Salt Lounge that stimulates the body into a deeply relaxed state – naturally and effectively.

Treatments Book in advance