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Experience Alsik Spa Pool

You will immediately notice the unusual calm, relaxing atmosphere of Alsik Spa Pool where natural elements of light, water and heat create a harmonious, balanced setting.

Begin your journey with sauna and experience showers, the northern lights in the Aurora Cave and feel the calming effect of the Fire Lounge. Our patio features our Outdoor Infinity Saltwater Pool with unique views across Alssund. You can also enjoy refreshments in the Spa Café serving organic food and beverages.

Enjoy Alsik Spa Pool with family and friends or someone dearest to you.

Featured experiences in Alsik Spa Pool

Changing room with sauna and experience shower

Alsik Spa Pool

Aurora Cave

Hot tub


Outdoor Infinity Saltwater Pool

Foot Lounge

Steam Bath

Panorama Sauna

Patio with views across Alssund

Spa Café – healthy, natural & organic


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