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Alsik Spa’s common green thread

Alsik Spa maintains a natural balance – both physically and mentally – and we meticulously integrate sustainability and social responsibility into the Alsik Spa concept for our guests.

We have created a unique setting focusing on classic spa experiences which help lay the groundwork for leading a life of health, strength and energy.

The common green thread

The Spa Café is completely organic with sparkling teas and green beverages

The spa products are pure with natural ingredients, where quality and results have top priority at the same time.

The lounges are digital-free zones with views of the water and countryside to inspire calm and restoration to health

The treatments are holistic with respect for the body and a mindset aimed at leading a healthy life

The Vitamin Bar offers healthy beverages, both before and after the holistic treatments, to support and promote the body’s own detoxification processes

Spa and wellness experiences aim for revitalisation – finding calm and balance physically and mentally – in inspiring settings which allow you to let go of your everyday stress and enjoy the now.


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Look forward to exceptional experiences when our skilled therapists pamper you with classic and new spa and wellness treatments. All treatments build on a deep respect for your body’s natural balance, and we make sure that each visit focuses on your personal well-being.