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Explore Sønderborg and South Jutland

There is always something new to experience in Sønderborg and it is sometimes difficult to choose from among the many options.

At Alsik, we recommend starting with a trip up to the hotel’s 16th floor where you will find the lookout platform “Point of View”. From here, you can enjoy the unrivalled views across Sønderborg and get a good sense of the town, the coast and scenic landscapes. You can book your free ticket to Point of View right here:

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After this, it’s just a matter of venturing forth and exploring.

For a complete overall experience of Sønderborg, we recommend Sønderborg’s unique features also known as “The Sønderborg Seven”.


The Sønderborg Seven

1. Waterfront and promenade

Alsik is situated along Sønderborg’s beautiful waterfront where Nordic elegance and modern architecture converge with historic buildings from many different centuries. The newest section of the waterfront was designed by world-renowned Frank Gehry. Continuing along the waterfront, you will pass by cosy restaurants and cafés before coming to Sønderborg Castle, the promenade, city beach and Gendarmstien, a certified European quality ramblers’ trail.

2. Travel back in history

Wherever you go in the Sønderborg area, you will get close to the area’s unique history. Some of the most epoch-making events in the history of Denmark took place in the Sønderborg area where history always comes alive and is ubiquitous. For instance, you can explore burial mounds and dolmens, visit the area’s many beautiful castles or attend a tilting at the ring event when Sønderborg residents honour old medieval traditions over the summer. You can also wander in the footsteps of the gendarmes along the fjords or get close to life as a soldier during the Second Schleswig War of 1864.

3. Enjoy the great outdoors

Few other places have such unspoilt landscapes as the Sønderborg area – from vast forests, long stretches of coastline and wild tidal meadows, across sparkling lakes, lush fringe areas and fresh meadows to an abundance of wildlife, rare species and budding flora. No matter if you prefer hiking boots, running shoes, a mountain-bike or horseback, everything is ready and waiting for you. With 250 km of winding coastline and a profusion of abundant freshwater lakes, the area is ideal for all types of water-based activities, including beach life, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and angling.

4. Taste South Jutland

The exquisite South Jutland regional gastronomy is among the best preserved in Denmark. Old cookery craft, carefully selected seasonal produce, as well as inspiration from German butchers, not to mention maritime routes all over the world, remain the core of the modern South Jutland fusion cuisine. Sønderborg provides an impressive array of exclusive restaurants, three of which here at Alsik, cosy eateries and cafés, where you can enjoy both life and the taste of South Jutland.

5. Sønderborg hosts as many cultural events and activities as there are days of the year.

Sønderborg has something for every taste and a multitude of cultural activities characterised by contrasts in every way:  From symphony orchestra to summer revue. From local bands to international superstars. From nature playground to science and amusement park. From experimental theatre to classical ballet. From street art to art exhibitions. From intimate concerts to music festival. You are spoilt for choice.


6. Get just the shopping experience you feel like

For instance, visit Sønderborg’s inviting shopping centre Borgen or take the time to peruse cosy pedestrian streets and squares of Sønderborg or other major towns in the area. You can also explore the many charming farm shops, antique dealers, orchards, speciality shops and flea markets found throughout the Sønderborg area.

7. Journey forth into the Borderlands

The Danish–German borderlands have their own unique history and identity. Experience how the architectural traditions on both sides of the border have influenced one another; see how artists have been interpreting the area for centuries; visit Flensburg that was once the second-largest city in Denmark and the centre of the rum and sugar trade with the Danish West Indies – and the area’s many other market towns and cities where the traces of shifting national affiliations are still visible.

We are ready to give you an unforgettable visit

At Alsik, we are always ready to help you tailor a perfect stay in the Sønderborg area, no matter if this is a weekend for two, a family holiday or a conference stay. We can assist you with the many different cultural experiences and also help with reservations and ordering tickets.

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