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Welcome to Syttende

Syttende resonates with the most exquisite produce we could find. Every single ingredient is carefully selected, no matter where in the world it comes from. We are not limited by any dogmas but solely focus on the crème de la crème of produce, admixed with masterly craftsmanship.

Syttende combines superb ingredients, tastes and traditions from all over the world with exquisite local produce. Yet although we gather inspiration and produce from every corner of the earth, we are firmly rooted in the South Jutland soil at the same time. This is the focal point of our world – from the vast, foaming sea and flat salt-marsh landscape of the west to the meandering fjords, deep subglacial stream trenches and fertile topsoil of the east. From the unspoilt diversity of wildlife and countryside that has made South Jutland self-sufficient for centuries.

Syttende is the quintessence of hand-picked, crème de la crème produce. You will be able to taste the changing seasons, the proud, immemorial cookery traditions and the meticulously selected produce and ingredients in every single bite. And you will experience this in perfect harmony with local produce and choice ingredients that have made their way to Syttende’s kitchen from distant lands. Because, despite the overflowing cornucopia that is South Jutland, foods such as yuzu, kombu, caviar and truffles are scarce here.

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Every single wine at Syttende was carefully selected as well. Our map indicates the location of innovative winegrowers you will never have heard of before, and renowned classic wineries adhering to traditions of highest calibre, which have made their wines what they are today. The list includes wines from all over the world and many different grape varieties. The common denominator for all of them, however, is that they were produced by masterly winegrowers who share our predilection for high-calibre produce and unrivalled craftsmanship.

So lean back, and get ready for a savoury experience beyond compare. Enjoy the views from Syttende and gaze across our abundant vegetable garden and breadbasket stretching as far as the eye can see.