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Group workouts

All Alsik Spa fitness instructors are enthusiastic about their profession and are devoted to inspiring you to do your very best. This is a selection of our workout groups.

Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the start of the team. In case of late cancellation or no-show, DKK 49 is automatically charged for no-show.


As a member of Alsik Spa Club and as a Spa guest, you can book space in the different groups. Call or e-mail us.

Spinning Class

Optimal workout – now we increase the pace. You increase your general physical strength and burning of fat and challenge your muscles’ ability with interval training to work intensely for prolonged periods of time. Spinning on the latest spinning cycles is more than a workout; it is an experience that strengthens and energises body and mind.

Abs & Booty Class

Abs & Booty focuses on the core/abdominal muscles and legs/glutes. We maintain high intensity throughout the entire workout as all exercises are primarily performed as supersets. You'll experience effective exercises, a high heart rate, and a bit of sweat on your brow. Some soreness afterward can be expected. The exercises are adjusted in difficulty according to the participants, but having a bit of prior training experience is an advantage.

Aqua Fitness – Water Training

Water training. The natural resistance and buoyancy in the water are utilized with your own body weight, as well as equipment for effective body training. Aqua Fitness is for everyone and focuses on strength, fitness, balance, and mobility. Note: This class is only available to guests with spa access.

Yogaflow Class

This form of yoga is more active than traditional Hatha Yoga. The yoga poses are performed in a flow, where we move smoothly from one position to the next. There is an emphasis on breathing, strength, flexibility, and being present in the here and now in your body.

Yin-yoga Class

This form of yoga is for those who want to completely slow down and be in their own space, just with themselves and inner presence, so there is time to feel and relax - and perhaps also discover what fills you and your mental space.

Yoga& mindfulness class

The session is for those who want to get out of their heads and into their bodies. The training is both a physical and mental exercise in being fully present where we are, rather than in thoughts about the past or the future. We begin the session with a breathing ritual to calm the body and mind. You are then guided into simple and strengthening yoga stretches at a slow, almost meditative pace. We conclude the session with a short guided meditation.

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Yoga & Mindfulness

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Alsik Spa offers Spa & Fitness memberships focused on your health, physical and mental well-being and restoration to health. No matter if you need to relax and take a break from a busy everyday life or if you need help to achieve positive physical development, we are pleased to guide and help you in the right direction.