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Restaurant Alsik Menu

We have put together a menu which includes all the dishes you know. Always using fresh produce and ingredients from both the local area and all corners of the world.

Choose your favorite from our a la carte menu or try our popular evening menu Kochen’s Favorit with free beverages.


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Kochen’s  Favorite

Available only if ordered by the whole table 5 pm – 9 pm.

**Pea soup & lump fish roe

Cold-pressed pea soup with a taste of lovage, salted Danish lump fish roe, hand-peeled shrimps, curry-pickled pearl onions, smoked cheese mousseline & lemon confit

Veal & asparagus

Tender veal culotte with spicy Provencal ratatouille and crispy potatoes, grilled green asparagus, sauce ”B” with scallions and parsley, cranberries & roasted piperade coulis

*Pannacotta & rhubarb

Panna cotta with flavors of vanilla and elderflower, strawberry sorbet on rhubarb jelly, basil, crumble of oatmeal & almonds




Ad libitum

  • Select wines for the menu from buffet
  • Bottled beer, iced water & local juices
  • Cold-risen sourdough bread from our own bakery with grains & seeds
  • Organic salted butter
  • Our selected coffee from Lavazza & tea from Carstensen Tehandel

Menu price 750, pr. Person all inclusive

Alsik Restaurant kold ærtesuppe


Available 12-15 pm


Creamy burrata with spicy romesco sauce & basil

♡ Hummus

Chickpea puree with pickled vegetables, sumac & parsley

Cold-smoked salmon

Slices of Faroese cold-smoked salmon with smoked cheese mousseline & cranberries

**Caesar salad

Crispy romaine lettuce with dressing of anchovies & parmesan and chicken thighs meat

Pork jowl

Glazed tender pork jowl with vegetables in soy ginger broth


Cow’s milk cheese with gooseberry compote, mustard grains & rye biscuitss

*Rhubarb trifle

Rhubarb trifle with macaroons & whipped cream



  • Cold-raised sourdough bread from our own bakery with grain & sea salt.
  • Organic salted butter.


A la carte menu

Available daily 12 noon to 3 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm unless otherwise stated

Small meals

Cold smoked salmon 140,-

Slices of Faroese cold-smoked salmon with grilled Broccolini, smoked cheese mousseline with black pepper, sour-sweet pickled cranberries, pickled lemon peel, wild garlic oil & pearl onion

Carpaccio 135,-

Beef with sea salt and crushed black pepper, baked minestrone green, basil pesto, 2 kinds of Nicoise olives, tomato grater, aged UNIKA Gammel Knas cheese & cold-pressed virgin olive oil

*Burrata 130,-

Creamy organic ”cream mozzarella” with lemon oil, spicy romesco sauce with almonds and herbs, semi-dried yellow tomatoes, small confit Boretane onions with sherry vinegar, crispbread & basil

*Cheese 130,-

4 selected cheeses with gooseberry compote, fermented mustard grains in elderflower and chili, almond oil & Bornholm rye biscuits

*Rhubarb crumble 120,-

Warm pie with rhubarb compote and almond crumble, salted caramel with vanilla, nut nougatine, almond crumble, crunchy, lemon verbena & vanilla parfait

Hummus 125,-

Creamy mash of chickpeas with small, pickled onions, grilled green olives, sumac, papadums & cold pressed olivie oil


Large meals

**Caesar salad 185,-

Crispy romaine lettuce with dressing of anchovies & Unika Gammel Knas cheese with chicken thighs meat, chopped chives, tomato croutons with olive oil, sea salt & crushed pepper

Burger 185,-

Minced hook-ripened beef in a warm brioche bun with bacon-onion compot, creamy UNIKA cheese, paprika-tomato relish, french fries, chili mayo & Koch’s ketchup

Fish and chips 205,-

Fried saithe in fluffy coating with curry chili salt, crispy potatoes, small fresh salads with lemon vinaigrette, sour sauce tartare & garlic mayonnaise

**Pasta ”vongole” 215,-

Strozzapreti pasta cooked al dente with tomato mire poix, warm spicy scallops, aged Spanish Manchego cheese, confit lemon peel & wild garlic from Kær

Cod 225,-

Baked cod with small vegetables in spicy sauce with soy, cashews, coriander, shiso & melon tutti frutti in sweet chili

Koch’s special 395,-

Bouef of Danish beef with cognac pepper sauce, herb butter, potato of the day, pickled white asparagus ”sweet”, thin spring carrot & freshly grated truffle
(Order time: 30 min.)

* Vegetarian

** Vegetarian option

♡ Vegan

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