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Restaurant Alsik Menu

We have put together a menu which includes all the dishes you know. Always using fresh produce and ingredients from both the local area and all corners of the world.

Choose your favorite from our a la carte menu or try our popular evening menu Kochen’s Favorit with free beverages.


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Kochen’s  Christmas Favorite

Available only if ordered by the whole table 5 pm – 9 pm.


Favorite fish on apple-artichoke compote with tarragon, cranberries curry marinade, clam hollandaise foam, roasted kimchi sesame, Piedmontese hazelnuts & shisourt

CONFIT DE CANARD & vegetables 245,-

Confit of Barbary duck with white cabbage pie, sauce with a mild taste of glögg, fermented mustard seeds, coriander, pickled Christmas salad a l’orange, grilled beetroot & red plume


Caramel cake with the flavor of Christmas spices, carpaccio on dried fruit, salted oatmeal crumble, nougat honey ice cream, broken gel with tangerine, small kisses & verbena




Ad libitum

  • Select wines for the menu from buffet
  • Bottled beer, iced water & local juices
  • Cold-risen sourdough bread from our own bakery with grains & seeds
  • Organic salted butter
  • Our selected coffee from Lavazza & tea from Carstensen Tehandel

Menu price 750, pr. Person all inclusive

Alsik Restaurant kold ærtesuppe


Available 12-15 pm

* Herring

Christmas herring with capers & onion

♡ Hummus

Chickpea puree with pickled vegetables, sumac & parsley

Cold-smoked salmon

Slices of cold smoked salmon with sour cream & cranberries


Pork paté with gherkins & mustard

Duck confit

Duck with mashed potatoes & beech mushroom

* Cheese

Cow’s milk cheese ”red & yellow” with pickled green tomato, unripe peaches & rye biscuitss

* Risalamade

Risalamande with cherry sauce & roasted almonds



  • Cold-raised sourdough bread from our own bakery with grain & sea salt.
  • Organic salted butter.


A la carte menu

Available daily 12 noon to 3 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm unless otherwise stated

Small meals

♡ Hummus 135,-

Creamy mash of chickpeas with small, pickled onions, green olives, carrots, sumac, parsley & cold pressed olive oil

cold smoked halibut 145,-

Cold smoked halibut with sour cream smoked cheese and lemon, dill pickled winter asparagus, trout roe, cranberries, lemon seaweed pearls, dill oil & 2 types of cress

* cheese 145,-

4 selected european cheeses ”red – blue – yellow – white” with pickled pecans, unripe peaches & crisp bread

* chocolate cake 135,-

Chocolate cake as 2 in 1 with own mousse, ice cream on a nougat croissant, warm sauce on Amarena cherries, tuiles with Christmas spices and meringue

Large meals

BURGER ”BBQ” 205,-

Minced hook-ripened braised beef in a warm butter bun with bacon-onion compote, red wine glace, Unika cheese, spicy kimchi, french fries, cucumber & Koch’s remoulade

CHICKEN ”bangkoch” art 225,-

Chciken thigh meat with winter greens in spicy oriental soy sauce, cashew nuts, pickled green tomatoes, kimchi sesame, shiso & jasmine rice

salmon ”bouillabaise” 235,-

Oven-baked salmon bouillabaise soup with saffron, herbs, Pernod, roasted ratatouille vegetables, herb veil, warm potatoes
& small sweets tomatoes

pork ”bourguignon” 245,-

Deliciously tender braised pork neck with herbs, red wine and pepper, small onions, beech mushrooms, potato mousseline, bacon, pork crackling & cabbage

* Vegetarian

** Vegetarian option

♡ Vegan

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