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Welcome to Freia’s dining room

Welcome to our dining room, with its warm, pleasant atmosphere, views of urban activity and harbour tranquillity, sounds of clinking cutlery and voices buzzing in all sorts of languages. Welcome to Freia, to our taste, approach and attitude. Where classic and individuality converge.

Explore our menu which is familiar – yet exquisitely different.

You might wonder how on earth did we get hold of your South Jutland grandmother’s faded old cookbook with her meticulous handwritten notes in the margin? Because every single bite shows how we have taken pains to uphold her love of local produce and ingredients, changing seasons and Denmark’s most authentic and best-preserved regional cuisine.

Or perhaps your taste buds will transport you to other classic cuisines, such as Alsace-Lorraine, the Basque Country or Manhattan – yet not quite the way you remember them. Familiar, yet exquisitely different. Because this is precisely our intention here in Freia’s classic dining room: we reinterpret the classics in our own unique way to celebrate the cookery craft, its traditions and the inherent enjoyment of delicious meals.


We advise you to always reserve a table

Freia’s dining room is very popular and often fully booked. If you know that you want to dine at Freia during your stay, we advise you to book a table at the same time you book a room, so you won’t be turned away.

Bon appétit!

Kammusling og jordskokfix-img
SAtiSfY your hunger – Southern Jutland style
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Lean back. Listen to the waves gurgling against the quay as boats glide past. Enjoy watching the sunset on glistening Alssund. Let your eyes wander along the Sønderborg waterfront where modern architecture interacts beautifully with historic buildings from many different centuries.

Freia is situated in the centre of Sønderborg’s new waterfront, designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. From here there are views of the Dybbøl Mill, Sønderborg Castle and Alsion, home to one of Europe’s best concert halls for symphonic music.

Weather permitting, Freia opens its large patio doors, letting in the sounds and life of the waterfront. Sit indoors or outdoors. As the days become shorter and colder, we move inside to the warmer, cosier atmosphere of Freia’s dining room.

The chef and the kitchen

Look over our shoulder as we compile Freia’s menus, find the best local produce and prepare delicious meals from scratch. Freia’s cuisine is uniquely gourmet with attitude – embracing both pike and pork, Skrædderduels and open-faced sandwiches, and Waldorf and Wellington. It is personal and authentic, magnificently merging classic with individuality. And if you think our chef de cuisine looks familiar, there is good reason for this. Because he is a chef by the grace of god.

Meet the chef

Freia is named after Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
Gris og sommerkål

…and it is the hall of Freyja

Icelandic chronicler Snorri Sturluson wrote in Edda (an Old Norse work of literature from the early 13th century) that when Freyja rode into battle, it was on a chariot drawn by two cats. Whereas half of the fallen Viking warriors followed Odin to eternal feasting and drinking of mead in Valhalla, the other half accompanied Freyja to her large, magnificent hall Sessrúmnir in the idyllic Fólkvangr (field).

Freia is named after Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

In Norse mythology, Freyja was not only the most important goddess, she was also the most beautiful. She was the object of sacrificial offerings by Vikings on Als and throughout Scandinavia and to whom they prayed for happiness, love and, not least, a good harvest. As the goddess of fertility, Freyja ensured that the grain grew tall in the fields, that there was an abundance of forest berries, nuts and fruit and that game and domestic livestock flourished.